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Fall Kitchen Table Linens

Chestnut Kitchen Decorating Theme
Timber Ridge Kitchen Decorating Theme
Timber Ridge
Cinnamon Kitchen Decorating Theme
Indian Summer Kitchen Decorating Theme
Indian Summer
Wood River Kitchen Decorating Theme
Wood River
Lemon Pepper Kitchen Decorating Theme
Lemon Pepper
Apple Jack Kitchen Decorating Theme
Apple Jack
Concord Kitchen Decorating Theme
Cambridge Ribbed Kitchen Decorating Theme
Cambridge Ribbed
Pinecone Kitchen Decorating Theme
Pine Ridge Kitchen Decorating Theme
Pine Ridge
Pine Lodge Kitchen Decorating Theme
Pine Lodge
Saffron Kitchen Decorating Theme
Fall Casual Classics Kitchen Decorating Theme
Fall Casual Classics
Victorian Heart Tea Cabin Quilted Tabletop
Tea Cabin Quilted
Victorian Heart Tea Cabin Woven Tabletop
Tea Cabin Woven
Harvest Blessings Kitchen Decorating Theme
Harvest Blessings
7 Pumpkins Wool Felt Fall Table Runner
7 Pumpkins
Pumpkin Patch Home Accessory Collection
Pumpkin Patch
Falling Leaves Kitchen Decorating Theme
Falling Leaves
Pumpkin Spice Fall Kitchen Decorating Theme
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Quilted Kitchen Decorating Theme
Pumpkin Quilted
Harvest Blessings Fall Kitchen Decorating Theme
Harvest Blessings
Chocolate Brown Casual Classics Fall Kitchen Decorating Theme
Chocolate Brown
  Walden Kitchen Decorating Theme

Fall Curtains

Lemon Pepper Lined Curtain Valance
Lemon Pepper
Lemon Pepper Curtain Valance
Lemon Pepper
Nutmeg Sunflower Applique Patch Curtain Valance
Sturbridge Lined Curtain Valance
Apple Cider Window Curtain Valances
Apple Cider
Cinnamon Lined Curtain Valance
Pine Bluff Lined Curtain Valance
Pine Bluff
Pinecone Patch Lined Applique Curtain Valance
Pinecone Patch
Scotch Pine Lined Curtain Valance
Scotch Pine

Fall Tablecloths

Harvest Blessings Tablecloth
Harvest Blessings
Lemon Pepper Tablecloth
Lemon Pepper
Pine Ridge Tablecloth
Pine Ridge
Pinecone Tablecloth

Fall Kitchen Dishtowels

Pinecone Kitchen Dishtowels & Dishcloths
Lemon Pepper Kitchen Dishtowels & Dishcloths
Lemon Pepper
Saffron & Cinnamon Kitchen Dishtowels & Dishcloths
Saffron & Cinnamon
Pumpkin with Acorns Dishtowel
Pumpkin with Acorns
Crows In A Row Jacquard Dishtowel
Crows In A Row
Sunflowers Dishtowel
We Give Thanks Hanging Hand Towel & Potholder
We Give Thanks
Harvest Medley Jacquard Dishtowel
Harvest Medley Jacquard
Apple Cider Hanging Dishtowel
Apple Cider Hanging
Fall Leaves Pocket Potholder Set
Fall Leaves Potholder
Pumpkin Spice Dishtowel Kitchen Gift Set
Pumpkin Spice
Three Falling Leaves Autumn Blessings Dishtowels
Leaves & Autumn Blessings

Fall Aprons

Falling Leaves Apron
Falling Leaves
Pinecone Apron

Fall Kitchen Gift Sets

  Lemon Pepper Dishtowel Kitchen Gift Set
Lemon Pepper

Fall Rugs

Spice Stripe Rag Rug
Spice Stripe
Lemon Pepper Rag Rug
Lemon Pepper
Harvest Hooked Rug
Touch of Fall Hooked Rug
Touch of Fall
Falling Leaves Door Mat
Falling Leaves
Pumpkin Shaped Hooked Rug
Pumpkin Shaped
Harvest Owl Hoots Fall Rug
Harvest Owl Hoots
Victorian Heart Braddock Kilim Rug
Victorian Heart Calistoga Kilim Rug

Fall Ceramic Pottery

Casual Classics Ceramic Pottery Collection
Casual Classics
Aspen Ceramic Collection
Pine Bluff Ceramic Pottery
Pine Bluff

Fall Table Napkin Rings

Apple Antiqued Brass Napkin Ring
Acorn Leaf Decorative Napkin Ring
Acorn Leaf
Autumn Leaves Decorative Napkin Ring
Autumn Leaves
Leaf Decorative Napkin Ring
  Pine Lodge Brown Burl Napkin Ring
Pine Lodge
Bear Napkin Ring
Leaf Set Decorative Napkin Ring
Leaf Set
Pine Cone Decorative Napkin Ring
Pine Cone
Moose Iron Napkin Ring
Black Orange Glass Bead Decorative Napkin Ring
Black/Orange Glass Bead
Turkey Napkin Ring
Owl Napkin Ring
Pumpkin Napkin Ring
Maple Leaf Napkin Ring
Maple Leaf
Oakwood Leaf Napkin Ring
Oakwood Leaf
Olde Crow Iron Napkin Ring
Olde Crow
Sunflower Napkin Ring

Fall Decorating Accessory Decor

Black Crow Figurine
Black Crow Figurine
Village Scroll Fall Home Accessory Decor
Village Scroll
Orange Silk Fall Leaves
Orange Fall Leaves
Pumpkin Spice Home Accessory Collection
Pumpkin Spice
Harvest Blessings Home Accessory Collection
Harvest Blessings
Brown Silk Fall Leaves
Brown Fall Leaves
Mini Red Apples
Mini Red Apples
Fall Pumpkin with Bittersweet Wool Wall Hanging
Fall Pumpkin w/Bittersweet
Natural Twig Pumpkin Decor
Natural Twig Pumpkin
Pumpkin Hooked Wool Wall Hanging
Wreath Door Hangers
Wreath Door Hangers
Rattan Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Decor
Rattan Jack O Lantern
Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Rag Balls
Pumpkin Rag Balls
Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Rag Balls 1 1/2 inch
Pumpkins Rag Balls 1 1/2"
Pumpkin Patch Candle Pan
Candle Pan
Wicker Cornucopia Basket
Cornucopia Basket
Paper Mache Pumpkin
Paper Mache Pumpkin
Fall Berry Spray
Fall Berry Spray
Fall Corn Husk Wreaths
Corn Husk Wreaths
Harvest Cluster Light String Set
Harvest Cluster Light String
Maple Leaf Garland with Pumpkins and Corn Light Strand
Maple Leaf Light Strand
Scarecrow on Pick
Scarecrow on Pick
Garland Maple Leaf Fall Colors 6ft
Fall Maple Leaf Garland
Maple Leaf Garland with Berries Fall Colors 9ft
Fall Maple Leaf Berry Garland
Stitches & Baskets Primitive Botanicals Putka Pod Mini Pumpkin 5 Cups
Mini Pumpkins
Stitches & Baskets Primitive Botanicals Putka Pod Mini Pumpkin 5 Cups
Putka Pods

Fall Quilt Patterns

Autumn Fall Quilt
Autumn Kaleidoscope Quilt
Autumn Kaleidoscope
Windsor Fall Quilt
Tea Cabin Quilt
Tea Cabin
Cadence Fall Quilt
Braddock Quilt
Pine Cone Fall Quilt
Pine Cone
Pine Valley Fall Quilt
Pine Valley
Lodge Living Fall Quilt
Lodge Living
Pinecone Lodge Fall Quilt
Pinecone Lodge
Whispering Pines Fall Quilt
Whispering Pines
Timberline Fall Quilt
Lodge Fall Quilt
Adirondacks Fall Quilt
Avanni Fall Quilt
Woodland Square Donna Sharp Quilt
Woodland Square
Woodland Donna Sharp Quilt

Fall Pillows

  Pumpkin Thyme Ornament Sacks
Pumpkin Thyme Sacks

Fall Shower Curtains

Cinnamon Fall Shower Curtain
Concord Fall Shower Curtain
Highland Ridge Fall Shower Curtain
Highland Ridge
  Shower Curtain Hooks
Shower Curtain Hooks

Fall Lampshades

Wheat Casual Classics Lampshade
Wheat Casual Classics
Pine Lodge Lampshade
Pine Lodge
Chocolate Casual Classics Lampshade
Chocolate Casual Classics

Fall Lamps

Candlestick Lamp
Candlestick Lamp
Olde Crow Night Light
Olde Crow
Crow Lamp

Fall Kitchen Decorating Theme

We love autumn here at The Country Porch! Park Designs has captured the essence of fall with leaves cast of iron, of vintage penny rug folk art and table linens in rich autumn colors.

Go to the Spice Cabinet Collection for more fall colors or change seasons with Kitchen Decorating Themes, country style tieback curtains, fishtail curtain swags and lined curtain valances.

The leaves fall, the wind blows,
and the farm country slowly changes
from the summer cottons into its winter wools.
~ Henry Beston
Northern Farm

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