Adirondack Bear Hooked Chairpad
Adirondack Bear
Aldrich Hooked Chairpad
American Star Hooked Chairpad 14.5
American Star
Bee Skep Beehive Hooked Round Chairpad
Bee Skep Beehive
Black Star Hooked Chair Pad 14.5 Dia
Black Star
Cat Hooked Chairpad
Chicken Run Rooster Hooked Chair Pad
Chicken Run Rooster
Flower Basket Hooked Chairpad 14.5 Dia
Flower Basket
Folk Crow Hooked Chair Pad 14.5 Dia
Folk Crow
House & Sunflowers Hooked Chair Pad 14.5 Dia
House & Sunflowers
Moonlit Log Cabin Hooked Chairpad
Moonlit Log Cabin
Patriot's Point Hooked Chair Pad 14.5 Dia
Patriot's Point
Pineapple Hooked Chair Pad 14.5
Pinecone Hooked Chair Pad 14.5 Dia
Red Primitive House Hooked Chairpad
Red Primitive House
Rooster Hooked Chair Pad 14.5 Dia
Star Block Hooked Chairpad 14.5 Dia
Star Block
Whimsey Cottage Hooked Chairpad
Whimsey Cottage
Willow & Sheep Hooked Chair Pad 14.5 Dia
Willow & Sheep

Hooked Chair Pads

The Country Porch features Hooked Chairpads from Park Designs. Each includes ties for your kitchen or dining room chair. Matching hooked rugs are also available.

View our entire catalog of Chairpads.

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