Barn Raising Log Cabin Quilt
Barn Raising Log Cabin Quilt

Barn Raising Log Cabin Quilt

Here at The Country Porch we're thrilled to offer Donna Sharp's stunning Barn Raising Log Cabin Quilt and rustic bedding accessories!

Quilt blocks are pieced and set in the old tradition of "barn raising" with rustic red center patches representing hearth and home and strips of black, olive, brown and neutral prints symbolizing the sunshine and shadow of our lives.

Prairie point border echoes the old adage, "Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without!" Patch work quilt reverses to a deep gold-brown print.

Camp out at Lodge Decor for a stunning tableau of coordinating rustic home accessories or strike camp for Kitchen Decorating Themes, quilts, curtains, lined curtain panels, country style tieback curtains and swag window curtains.

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Discontinued/Sold Out

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