Earth Patch Quilt
Earth Patch Quilt

Earth Patch Quilt

A kaleidoscope of earth colors are neatly patched together in this bird's eye view of earth with Earth Patch Quilt and bedding accessories by Donna Sharp. Shown with Forest Green Gathered bedskirt and eurosham.

A patch work of rustic colors in deep browns and forest greens compliment sponged olive and spicy tone-on-tone neutrals. Spikey prairie point border alludes to mountains and diagonal channel-quilting provides textured valley furrows.

Double layered bedskirts of Sponged Olive and Forest Green provide a lush backdrop for envelope pillow roof tile pillow and mounds of patchwork pillows and Euroshams.

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NOTE: Our bed is dressed with two bedskirts. To achieve this look, place the first ruffle directly on your bed frame. Place your box springs on top and then add the second ruffle. This is the perfect way to dress antique beds that traditionally have a higher clearance from the floor.

Forest Green Gathered Full Bedskirt Dust Ruffle 54" x 75" x 18" $74.95/ea  Qty.
Forest Green Gathered Queen Bedskirt Dust Ruffle 60" x 80" x 18" $88.95/ea  Qty.
Forest Green Gathered Twin Bedskirt Dust Ruffle 39" x 75" x 18" $66.95/ea  Qty.

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