Stars & Stripes Kitchen Decorating Theme
Stars & Stripes Kitchen Decorating Theme

Stars & Stripes Kitchen Decorating Theme

Glorious! We love our NEW Stars and Stripes© pattern from The Country Cupboard by Park Designs. Traditional 'Uncle Sam' country red ticking marches beside a circle of embroidered stars on a field of rich navy. 100% homespun cotton.

Celebrate with more glorious stars and stripes decor from Americana Decorating Themes or mix it up with Casual Classics Kitchen Decorating Themes in Sand and Village Dinnerware in Vanilla. Capture napkins in red star napkin rings and dine by the glow of our red star lamp.

Change scenery with new patterns from Kitchen Decorating Themes, quilts, curtains, lined curtain panels, French door curtain panels, country style tieback curtains, curtain valances and NEW fishtail swags.

See Stars and Stripes:
Chair Pad
Oven Mitt
Pot Mitt
Table Runner

Home Accessories:
Red Star Napkin Rings
Bath Accessories
Funnel Lamp
Red Star Lamp

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Stars & Stripes pattern is a copyright of Park Designs 2007

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