Bell Cloche Lamp with Lampshade
Bell Cloche
Black Bear Embroidered Lampshade 10
Black Bear
Black Star Embroidered Lampshade 10
Black Star
Black Star Punched Tin Lampshade Night Light
Black Star Punched Ti...
Black Sturbridge Clip Lampshade 10
Black Sturbridge
Cabin Lamp with Lampshade
Chamberstick Lamp with Lampshade 12 H x 7.5 Dia (40 watt)
Folk Rooster Table Lamp with Lampshade
Folk Rooster Table
Gray Granite Enamelware Milk Can Table Lamp with Lampshade
Gray Granite Enamelwa...
Greenhow Lantern Lamp with Lampshade 26.5 x 9 x 6.5
Greenhow Lantern
Hammered Glass Lamp with Lampshade
Hammered Glass
Hammered Round Jar Table Lamp with Lampshade
Hammered Round Jar Ta...
Hen Pecked Rooster Printed Lampshade 10
Hen Pecked Rooster
Home Sweet Home Vine Finial Lampshade 12
Home Sweet Home
Large Coffee Pot Lamp with Lampshade 26 x 15.5 x 10
Large Coffee Pot
Milk Warmer Table Lamp with Lampshade
Milk Warmer Table
Pinecone Embroidered Lampshade 10
Rope Wrap Wood Lamp with Lampshade
Rope Wrap Wood
Star Vine Lampshade 10
Tobacco Road Bell Lampshade 6
Tobacco Road Bell
Wheat Casual Classics Clip Lampshade 10
Wheat Casual
Wine Sturbridge Clip Lampshade 10
Wine Sturbridge
Wine York Mini Check Clip Lampshade 10
Wine York Mini Check

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Country Lampshades

The Country Porch features country style lampshades from Park Designs. These country lamp shades also have matching placemats & napkins, valances & tiers, and chairpads available for completing your home decorating theme. Dimensions noted in the following pages are measured at the bottom of the lampshade.

5 inch lampshades: 2.75" (Top) x 5" (Bottom) x 4.5" (Side).
6 inch lampshades: 2.75" (Top) x 6" (Bottom) x 4.5" (Side).
10 inch lampshades: 5" (Top) x 10" (Bottom) x 7" (Side).
12 inch lampshades: 6" (Top) x 12" (Bottom) x 8.5" (Side).
14 inch lampshades: 6" (Top) x 14" (Bottom) x 10" (Side)

All lampshades shown pictured are the 6 inch lampshades.

Our lampshades are crafted using 100% cotton fabric over an opaque backing, self trimmed and sewn. The 5 inch and 6 inch lamp shades have a chandelier bulb clip. The 10 inch lamp shade has a Slip UNO Fitter. The 12 and 14 inch lamp shades comes with a washer fitting to use with a harp and finial. Individually clear-wrapped.

View our entire country lamps collection.

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