Black House Check Lampshade
Black House Check
Black Mini Check Lampshade
Black Mini Check
Black Small Check Lampshade
Black Small Check
Green House Check Lampshade
Green House Check
Green Small Check Lampshade
Green Small Check
Navy Mini Check Lampshade
Navy Mini Check
Navy Small Check Lampshade
Navy Small Check
Red House Check Lampshade
Red House Check
Red Mini Check Lampshade
Red Mini Check
Red Small Check Lampshade
Red Small Check
Solid Navy Blue Lampshade
Solid Navy
Solid Red Lampshade
Solid Red
  Solid Black Lampshade
Solid Black

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Check, Plaid & Solid Lampshades

The Country Porch features country style solid, plaid and check pattern lampshades from Dunroven House for home decorating. Dimensions noted in the following pages are measured at the bottom diameter of the lampshade.

Pair up a lampshade with a Lamp or the 5 inch lampshade with a Candle Lamp.

Candle Clip Lampshade5 inch lampshades:
3" (Top)
5" (Bottom)
4" (Height)
Candle clip
Regular Bulb Clip Lampshade10 inch lampshades:
5" (Top)
10" (Bottom)
7.5" (Height)
Regulard Bulb Clip
Harp Lampshade13 inch lampshades:
6" (Top)
13" (Bottom)
10" (Height)

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