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The Best Sliding Tube Mouse Trap
The Best Sliding Tube Mouse Trap

The Best Sliding Tube Mouse Trap

Whether you live in the country or in the city, catching mice requires a special skill. Have the rodents in your life out smarted your old traps? We have found the solution! As we all know, gerbils love toilet paper tubes. Mice are as equally intrigued by tubes. The Sliding Tube Mousetrap is the best mouse trap we have found so far. This simple solution is safer around children and pets and more humane than metal spring loaded snap traps. All you need to do is pull the two tubes apart, insert a peanut, a pretzel stick dipped in peanut butter for extra temptation or any other suitable bait in the small hole, and then set the trap in an ideal location. Once the bait is taken, the rubber band on the outside of the device contracts and traps the rodent. It is easy to remove mice from this trap by again pulling the tubes apart, no need to touch the mouse! Environmentally friendly, no chemicals or glue to deal with. Easy to clean and reset to kill and contain the next mouse problem you encounter. These mousetraps come in assorted colors and are sold individually so if you leave a note in the special instructions box at checkout to request a specific color and we will try to honor it on a best effort/availability basis or we will send you a random color. Also makes a great novelty gift for that extra special person!

The Best Sliding Tube Mouse Trap Ever $4.98/ea  

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