July 2004 Newsletter

Greetings from the Porch!
Summer, glorious summer; it’s finally arrived here in the northwest!  American flags flutter, sailboats skim across the lake, pretty brides toss their bouquets and the smell of new mown grass permeates our town.

Like all blessings, creating a “summer house” starts with a state of mind.  Begin with a frosty glass of lemonade and then put away all that is heavy and warm.  Start with fresh, summery dish towels, create a real-life dining room with a pretty table cloth or valance (we have 68 patterns!), show your patriotic colors with our charming Old Glory table setting and napkin rings or turn your bath into a secret haven with one of our classic shower curtains.

Elsie King Moreland was once quoted in the 1934 Edition of American Home that “Change is an excellent remedy for that tired feeling.”  You’ll find many new patterns; check out our All-Time Favorites, Quilt of the Month, Candle Club, Decorating Ideas and Seasonal Recipes.  Oh, and don’t forget to bookmark so you can find your way back home.

All-Time Favorites
Old Glory
Old Glory has waved over this blessed country for almost 200 years! A truly beautiful table setting with its old flag style placemats and star napkins, Old Glory is rich in colors of brick red, deep navy and antiqued tan.  Compliment your table setting with patriotic wood napkin rings or get in the spirit of celebration with an Old Glory apron and a platter of your own special recipe for barbecued ribs (try our special Russian or Huckleberry Marinate).

Send out the message of celebration and hospitality by hanging an Old Glory quilt on your clothesline or cuddle up in it while watching the fireworks.

Old Glory Kitchen Decorating Theme
Flag Kitchen Decorating Theme Flag
For just one summer, make Americana your home theme.  Create a real-life dining room with Flag valances or swags, a pretty matching tablecloth and napkins with Star or Colonial Star napkin rings and a mason jar of wild daisies for a centerpiece.  Mix it up with other patriotic patterns like Old Glory, Liberty, Colonial Star, Patriot’s Quilt or God-Family-Country.  Wear a Flag apron and whip up some barbecued chicken marinated in our Apricot Dijon Dressing (yum yum) and dine by the glow of an antique oil lamp.  Enjoy!
Up here in the northwest, we’ve adopted this New England theme for our very own.  Its cheery stripes of sea foam and country red compliment the colors of the sea creating a very pretty “summer house” look.  So even if you’re land locked use your creativity to sail away by hanging fresh Nantucket valances, drape your captain’s table with a matching table topper and napkins anchored with pewter napkin rings.  Take the kids to Grandma’s house then weigh anchor by the light of the stars and a little Square Lantern lamp.   Bon voyage!
Nantucket Kitchen Decorating Theme
American Seaside Kitchen Decorating Theme American Seaside
Seaside captures the industrious spirit of New England from Bar Harbor and the rocky shores of Maine to the sandy shores of Nantucket.  Set a rustic table with country baskets filled with seashells and matching placemats and napkins with wood napkin rings and salt and pepper shakers.  Cast off and reread ‘Treasure Island’ by the light of a Three Legged Lamp and matching American Seaside lampshade.   May the wind be at your back!

Quilt of the Month
The summer months belong to brides!  For something old and something new, consider giving the gift of love by wrapping them in a wedding quilt.  We have over 182 quilts to choose from and we’ll be adding more soon!  Here are just two of many of our favorites.

Grandma's Memories Quilt
Use it up or wear it out... in Grandma’s day quilts were recycled from dresses and shirts, even Grandpa’s boxers! This quilt is indeed Grandma’s Memories with a kaleidoscope of rich country colors in plaids, stripes and checks. Nicely finished with a saw tooth border, we think this quilt is destined to become a family treasure.
Grandma's Memories Quilt
Country Wedding Ring Quilt Country Wedding Ring Quilt
A real down home wedding with a gift of Grandma’s scraps sewn into this stunning wedding ring pattern. Patches of many colors in homespun plaids, stripes and checks on a background of seersucker ecru and white gingham are finished with a pretty scalloped border. Make your own family tradition and hand it on down.

Meanwhile back at The Porch, June came and went in a blur . . . but July is just beginning.  And we’ve declared it the official month for BBQ and fresh salads!  So, if it’s YOUR turn to cook tonight, order up some delicious Coeur d’Alene Salad Dressings made right here in our home town and surprise your family and friends with your culinary brilliance! Hint: huckleberries are about to ripen and we’d eat them 24-7 if we could.  So, how easy is that?

The Country Porch Dip Mix

Candle Club
Next door to our shop is a wonderful bakery with heavenly aromas that waft through our door.  We especially love the smell of Snicker doodle cookies . . . well, guess what?  Our Snicker doodle cake candles are just as aromatic and quench our craving without the calories.  Besides that they burn 90-92 hours!  Need we say more?

NEW! Decorating Ideas from The Porch
One question that constantly comes up is the dilemma of slider and French doors and what to do with them.  Consider using one of our many shower curtains and hang them either with decorative hooks, or sew tabs from matching dishtowels, or for a more country rustic look, tear the towels into rags and hang them that way.  Whatever’s your style, it works!

It was so good to visit with you and we thank you for your business!  Since one quarter of you are repeat customers, we’ve come to know you by name. Our creative energy is in overdrive and we’re all on a mission . . . to bring you the very BEST of everything that we and the shop have to offer. 

New and exciting patterns are arriving daily, so visit often, anytime.  We’re always OPEN on-line.  Or call us at our toll free number @ 1-866-664-9182 and chat; we’d love to hear how you transformed your home with decorating themes from The Country Porch!

Our shop hours are 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Daylight Savings time, Monday through Friday.

From our house to yours, we wish you a safe and happy summer!

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