Serendipity Blue

Serendipity Green

Shabby Chic Blue

Shabby Chic Brown

Shady Pines


Shelby Green

Shelby Pink


Sleepy Forest

Solid Aqua

Solid Blue Shell

Solid Blue Silky Velvet

Solid Blush

Solid Brick Red

Solid Choco Brown

Solid Colonial Blue

Solid Cornsilk

Solid Green

Solid Green Silky Velvet

Solid Hampton Black

Solid Hampton Silver Blue

Solid Hampton White

Solid Indigo Blue

Solid Jacqueline Cream

Solid Sage

Solid Taupe Cream

Solid Taupe Shell

Solid Terra Cotta Orange

Solid White Shell

South Seas


Spa Basketweave


St. Kitts

Surfer's Cove

Surf's Up



Taupe Shells



The Embroidered Garden


To The Sea

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Country Quilts

Ah, staying at home. Everyone needs their own spot where they can put their feet up, spin a cocoon of quilts and burrow into a mound of pillows. We've got 'em, plenty of them, we've even got pillow shams, throws, rugs and dust ruffles all from C&F Enterprises.

Find more nesting material in our Victorian Heart Quilts catalog or for a taste of country living visit Kitchen Decorating Themes.

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me
~ C. S. Lewis

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