Remodeling a Country House into a Country Store

Country House Remodel
A humble beginning after 110 years. Modern life caught up with and passed this grand old country house!
Country Home Remodeling
Showing her stately south side, we knew we could make her shine again with our country house plans!
Country House Remodeling
Starting at the bottom, a promising new future for something that was going to be dozed over but soon to be repurposed into a country store for home furnishings and gifts.
Country Home Plans
Taking shape early on, she is looking good, but still a long way to go as the country home plans to renovate this building are still in the works!
The Country House
Putting on a new top. My the renovation is looking good now as this old country home will soon be the country store.
Country House Restaurant
The work is coming along just great! It won't be long now! The locals are getting excited and want to know if this might be a new country house restaurant?
Country House Plans
This old house can hardly wait for all of the new and exciting country home decor that will be arriving soon.
The Country House
This country house project is almost there!!!
The Country Home
Just a little paint and polish to go on our country store project!
The Country Store
The redesign is complete - our porch is friendly and our hospitality warm! The Country Porch: "From Our House To Yours".
The Country Porch
Since starting this project, The Country Porch has outgrown our humble farmhouse beginnings and we have moved into a larger warehouse in order to facilitate our customers. Sometimes directory assistance accidently directs calls for The Porch to us, a popular local restaurant in the area so check it out too if you visit Coeur d'Alene on your next vacation! The old house we started in is now another business, Coeur d'Alene Eye Care.
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