Sophia's Rose Hooked Rug
Sophia's Rose
Southwest Ranch Hooked Rug
Southwest Ranch
Spaghetti Hooked Rug
Splendor Hooked Rug
Striped Tulips Hooked Rug
Striped Tulips
Sunflower Roosters Hooked Rug
Sunflower Roosters
Zebra Brown Stripes Hooked Rug
Zebra Brown Stripes
Tazzo Hooked Rug
Tequila Hooked Rug
Time Out Hooked Rug
Time Out
Touch of Fall Hooked Rug
Touch of Fall
Treasures by the Sea Blue Hooked Rug
Treasures by the Sea Blue
Treasures by the Sea Taupe Hooked Rug
Treasures by the Sea Taupe
Walk in the Garden Hooked Rug
Walk in the Garden
Welcome Pineapple Hooked Rug
Welcome Pineapple
Western Omelet Hooked Rug
Western Omelet
Windsor Hooked Rug
Zara Zig Zag Hooked Rug
Zara Zig Zag
Sunflower Rooster Round Hooked Rug
Sunflower Rooster Round
Watering Can Hooked Rug
Watering Can
Spring Lilacs Bunnies Hooked Rug
Spring Lilacs Bunnies

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Home Decor Rugs

Here at The Country Porch we're thrilled to offer these new hand-hooked rugs from C&F Enterprises. We think they're perfect for your country home! Besides being beautiful and functional, our hand-hooked rugs are exquisitely crafted in the 19th century tradition and neatly finished with a non-skid cotton backing.

These rugs coordinate with Quilts and bedding accessories.

Be sure to visit Kitchen Decorating Themes or country style tieback curtains, curtain valances and window swag curtains for more country inspiration!

View our entire selection of rugs.

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