Brown/Gold Kilim Rug
Brown/Gold Kilim Rug

Brown/Gold Kilim Rug

The Country Porch features the Brown/Gold Kilim Rug from Park Designs. Handcrafted in the north eastern region of India, these beautiful kilims are hand tied on "panja" looms. Panja translates to "the claw" as a wooden claw or iron is used to push the ties down on the loom. This art form has been done for centuries and is characterized by geometric designs which are created by a "slit woven" weaving style. The slits are beloved by collectors, as they produce very sharp edged designs, emphasizing the geometry of the weave. All items are 80% wool and 20% cotton. For care, we recommend periodic professional cleaning. The use of a rug underlay is also recommended. Matching Brown/Gold Kilim Pillow also available.

Brown/Gold Kilim Rug
24" x 36"

Brown/Gold Kilim Pillow
16" Square

Matching Brown/Gold Kilim Table Runner also available.

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