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Wild Huckleberry Jam and Syrup
Wild Huckleberry Jam and Syrup

Wild Huckleberry Jam & Syrup

Taste the freshness and the goodness of the great Pacific Northwest. The Country Porch's wild huckleberry jam and syrup will be sure to please! Also available is our great tasting raspberry huckleberry, raspberry, and mountain blueberry jams and syrups.

Special Northwoods Gift Box $21.00 includes 8oz wild mountain huckleberry syrup, 7.5oz wild mountain huckleberry jam, and 10 pieces of huckleberry taffy in an attractive gift box.

7.5oz Wild Huckleberry Jam $9.50/ea  
8.0oz Wild Huckleberry Syrup $11.50/ea  
Special Northwoods Huckleberry Syrup, Jam & Taffy Gift Box $21.00/ea  

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