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Wine Red Tweed Placemat
Wine Red Tweed
Navy Blue Samora Solid Placemat
Navy Blue Samora
Kettle Grove Stencil Star Jute Placemat
Kettle Grove Stencil Star
Vintage Star Black Kitchen Decorating Theme
Vintage Star Black
Red Casual Classics Ribbed Placemat
Red Casual Classics
Burgundy Tan Jute Placemat Stencil Stars
Burgundy Stencil Star
Old Glory Placemat
Old Glory
Jamestown Kitchen Decorating Theme
Stars Jacquard Kitchen Decorating Theme
Stars Jacquard
Stars Jacquard Reverse Kitchen Decorating Theme
Stars Jacquard Reverse
Burlap Star Kitchen Decorating Theme
Burlap Star
Casual Classics Wine Red Kitchen Decorating Theme
Casual Classics Wine Red
Red Multi Star Placemat
Red Multi Star
Navy Multi Star Placemat
Navy Multi Star
Shenandoah Flag Placemat
Shenandoah Flag
Arlington Placemat Quilted Patchwork Star
Arlington Patchwork Star
Arlington Block Border Curtain Valances
Arlington Block Border
Primitive Star Kitchen Decorating Theme
Primitive Star
Vintage Star Black Lined Pointed Curtain Valances
Vintage Star Black
Vintage Star Wine Lined Pointed Curtain Valances
Vintage Star Wine
American Patriotic Bunting Window Curtain Valance
American Patriotic Bunting
Flag Window Curtain Swags
Flag Swag
Star Patch Lined Curtain Valance
Star Patch
Burlap Natural Curtain Valance Black Stencil Stars
Burlap Stencil Stars
Burgundy Star Scalloped Curtain Valance
Burgundy Star
Navy Star Scalloped Curtain Valance
Navy Star
Burlap Star Lined Curtain Valance
Burlap Star
Federal Star Lined Curtain Valances
Federal Star
Star Vine Triple Point Curtain Valance
Star Vine Triple Point
Sturbridge Star Border Lined Window Curtain Swag
Sturbridge Star
Victory Eagle Stenciled Throw
Victory Eagle Throw
Old Glory Throw
Old Glory Throw
Hammered Cuff Pewter Napkin Ring
Hammered Cuff
Hammered Cuff Antiqued Brass Napkin Ring
Hammered Cuff
Red Star Napkin Ring
Red Star Napkin Ring
Beaded Pewter Napkin Ring
Forged Heart Iron Napkin Ring
Forged Heart
Iron Star Napkin Ring
Iron Star
Patriotic Red White Blue Light Strand Set
Red/White/Blue Lights
Black Star Iron Napkin Ring
Black Star
Star Patch Apron
Star Patch Apron
Kingston Star Dishtowel
Kingston Star
Sturbridge Star Decorative Towel
Sturbridge Star
Vintage Star Black Dishtowel
Vintage Star Black
Vintage Star Wine Dishtowel
Vintage Star Wine
Embroidered Star Patch Hanging Hand Towel
Embroidered Star Patch
Jamestown Hanging Hand Towel
Jamestown Potholder & Dishtowel
Jamestown Dishtowel
Stars Jacquard Dishtowel
Stars Jacquard
Stratton Woven Jacquard Throw
Stratton Woven Throw
Red Metal Star Lampshade
Red Metal Star
Black Metal Star Lampshade
Black Metal Star
Star Jacquard Lampshade
Star Jacquard
Patriots Point Hooked Rug
Patriot's Point
Park Designs Star Vine Dinnerware
Star Vine Ceramics
Antique Americana Candle Clip Lampshade
Antique Americana
Flag Cookie Cutter
Flag Cookie Cutter
Yellow Ribbon Cookie Cutter
Yellow Ribbon
Star Cookie Cutter
Star Cookie Cutter
Bingham Star Quilt
Bingham Star
Red White & Fun Quilt
Red, White & Fun
Ninepatch Star Quilt
Ninepatch Star
Colonial Blue Americana Quilt
Colonial Blue
Arlington Quilt
Pariotic Patch Quilt
Pariotic Patch
Victory Quilt
Hand Forged Iron Hooks
Hand Forged Iron Hooks
Federal Star Shower Curtain
Federal Star
Star Ceramic Pottery Collection
Star Ceramics
Victorian Heart Victory Eagle Stenciled Throw
Victory Eagle Stenciled
Rusty Star Tin Wreath Hanger 12 1/2 inch
Rusty Star Wreath Hanger
Home Decorating Stars
Candle Dish
Candle Dish
Liberty Hooked Rug
Courting Candlestick
Courting Candlestick
Bald Eagle Square Tin Art Sign
Bald Eagle Sign
American Parade Canvas Market Tote Bag
American Parade Tote
Old Glory Pillow
Old Glory Pillow
Bathroom Towel Holders
Bathroom Towel Holders
Red Star Metal Clock
Red Star Metal Clock
Rusted Tin Star Taper Candle Holder
Rusted Tin Star Taper Holder
Bella Taylor Antebellum Canvas Mini Tote Handbag
Antebellum Handbag
Star Candle Pans
Star Candle Pans
Olde Glory Door Mat
Olde Glory
Primitive Star Door Mat
Primitive Star
Millbury Rag Rug
Bella Taylor Antebellum Canvas Shoulder Tote Handbag
Antebellum Shoulder Bag
Victorian Heart Patriotic Patch Quilted Throw
Patriotic Patch Throw
Black Star Garden Flag Arbor
Black Star Garden Flag Arbor
Red White Blue Tin Star Candle Ring
Star Candle Ring
USA American Flag Barn Star
USA Flag Barn Star
Metal Round Nested Boxes
Metal Round Nested Boxes
Punched Tin Boxes
Punched Tin Boxes
Flag Table Runner
Flag Table Runner
Multi Star Red Cotton Rectangle Rug
Multi Star Red
Multi Star Navy Cotton Rectangle Rug
Multi Star Navy
Stars & Stripes Pillow
Stars & Stripes Pillow

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Americana Patriotic Home Decor

Americana, the very name evokes feelings of patriotism, family, home and hearth. Capture the feel of this patriotic theme with our vast selection of Americana home decor by Park Designs, C&F Enterprises, Victorian Heart and Ann Clark, Inc. There's no need to shop all over town and everybody else's town to find what you're looking for. Itís so easy!

View more Americana Decorating ideas from Darice, C&F Enterprises.

Be sure to visit Kitchen Decorating Themes or country style tieback curtains, curtain valances and window swag curtains for more country inspiration!

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