Butter Casual Classics Ribbed Placemat 13 x 19
Butter Casual Classics
Chocolate Brown Casual Classics Ribbed Placemat 13 x 19
Chocolate Brown Casual ...
Flax Chadwick Placemat 13 x 19
Flax Chadwick
Flax Wicklow Yarn Placemat
Flax Wicklow Yarn Place
Hen Pecked Rooster Placemat
Hen Pecked Rooster
Burlap Natural Fringed Placemat 12 x 18
Burlap Natural Fringed
Farmhouse Jute Placemat 12 x 18
Farmhouse Jute Placemat...
Natural Jute Placemat 12 x 18
Natural Jute Placemat 1...
Natural Jute Placemat 12 x 18
Natural Jute Placemat 1...
Burgundy Tan Stencil Stars Jute Placemat 12 x 18
Burgundy Tan Stencil St...
Tan Hayden Chindi Placemat 13 x 19
Tan Hayden Chindi Place...
Tan Essex Round Placemat 15
Tan Essex Round Placema...
Stone Essex Round Placemat
Stone Essex Round Place...
Hens Hen Pecked Chicken Placemat
Hens Hen Pecked Chicken...
Casual Classics Wheat Kitchen Decorating Theme
Casual Classics Wheat
Garnet Red Wicklow Yarn Placemat
Garnet Red Wicklow Yarn...
Farmhouse Decor York Lights Kitchen Decorating Theme
York Lights
Sawyer Mill Charcoal Placemat 12 x 18
Sawyer Mill Charcoal
Sawyer Mill Charcoal Pig Jute Oval Placemat 12 x 18
Sawyer Mill Pig
Sawyer Mill Charcoal Cow Jute Oval Placemat 12 x 18
Sawyer Mill Cow
Sawyer Mill Charcoal Poultry Jute Oval Placemat 12 x 18
Sawyer Mill Chickens
Sawyer Mill Charcoal Windmill Placemat 12 x 18
Sawyer Mill Windmill

Farmhouse Curtains

Farmhouse Decor York Lights Tieback Curtain Panels
York Lights
  Farmhouse Decorating Curtain Hooks
Curtain Hooks

Farmhouse Chairpads

  Farmhouse Decor Cotton Chairpads
Cotton Chairpads

Farmhouse Lamps

  Farmhouse Decorating Chamberstick 13 Lampshade
Chamberstick Lamp

Farmhouse Dishtowels

Cattle Cow Dishtowel
Cattle Cow
Cattle Cow Dishtowel
Cottonwood Black

Farmhouse Rugs

Cottonwood Black Rug
Cottonwood Black

Farmhouse Shower Curtains

  Farmhouse Decor Shower Curtain Hooks
Shower Curtain Hooks

Farmhouse Decorating Accessory

Farmhouse Recipe Cards
Farmhouse Recipe Cards
Farmhouse Decor Hanging Pot Rock
Hanging Pot Rack
Large Red House Candle Lantern
Red House Lantern
Chicken Christmas Ornaments
Chicken Christmas Ornaments
Barn Wood Picture Frame
Barn Wood Picture Frame

Farmhouse Quilts

  Farmhouse Star Quilt
Farmhouse Star

Farmhouse Decorating & Decor Theme

Here at The Country Porch we take pleasure in the rhythm of the land and needful things found in farm life and farmhouse decorating. Park Designs, C&F Enterprises and Ann Clark, Ltd have captured the essence of decorating old farmhouse style and we've put it all into a catalog just for you.

Find more nesting material in Kitchen Decorating Themes, country style tieback curtains, curtain valances and window swag curtains.

A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead and dreams of a faraway place. A traveler on the plane sees the farmhouse and dreams of home.
~ Carl Burns

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